• The Best Toonami Promos, Voiced by Peter Cullen

    The Best Toonami Promos, Voiced by Peter Cullen

    Peter Cullen is a legendary voice actor. Notably, he’s voiced Optimus Prime of The Transformers since 1986. Some of his other voice acting credits include Gremlins, Chip N Dale Rescue Rangers, Winnie the Pooh and literally hundreds of others. My personal favorite are his epic narrations from the fabled Toonami Promos of the early 2000s.…

  • The first inmates to graduate from Yale

    The first inmates to graduate from Yale

    History was made this past summer. The first inmates to graduate from Yale x University of New Haven have earned their degrees while incarcerated at the MacDougall-Walker Correctional Institution. Yale partnered with UNH in 2021 to give these inmates a path to two and four year degrees. It’s a transformative idea, and this program extends…

  • Bluesky has a new logo

    Bluesky has a new logo

    The (currently) invite-only social network has a new logo! It has other new features as well, such as lists and custom feeds. Ok, the custom feeds have been around for awhile. But, it’s new-ish. The new logo is basically the 🦋 (butterfly emoji). It’s simple and less non-representational than the nebulous sky/clouds photo or blue…

  • Finger Armor, Fangophilia Taro, 2020

    h/t @another___kind via Instagram

  • PCB Silkscreen Easter Eggs

    PCB Silkscreen Easter Eggs

    Hidden messages or easter eggs on circuit boards, often referred to as “silkscreen easter eggs,” are fun and deliberately secretive messages hidden on the silkscreen layer of printed circuit boards (PCBs). The silkscreen layer is the topmost layer of a PCB, typically used for labeling components, indicators, providing assembly instructions, or other information. Normally these…

  • Adobe abandons $20B acquisition of Figma

    Adobe abandons $20B acquisition of Figma

    Jess Weatherbed reporting at The Verge writes: Following mounting pressure from regulators in the UK and EU, Adobe and Figma announced on Monday that both companies are mutually terminating their merger agreement, which would have seen Adobe acquire the Figma product design platform for $20 billion. As a result of the termination, Adobe will be required to pay Figma…

  • Learning Korean (한국어) Day 523: Express necessity

    Today, I began on Unit 21 in Duolingo. This is day 523 learning Korean 한국어 😅 This Unit’s subject is Express Necessity. Cute and useful. 줄 서야 합니다. You have to stand in line. 죄송하지만 지금 퇴근해야 해요. I’m sorry but I have to leave work now. 저는 퇴근해서 집에 가야 해요. I have to…